Optimum Nutrition – Build Residual Income Streams While Maintaining Optimum Health – Part 1 of 4

Without Health There is no Real WealthYou need Optimum Nutrition to be healthy. Residual income streams will allow us to create wealth but it has to be stressed that balance is also an essential ingredient in your quest for success and wealth. You must allocate time for yourself (your health) and your family or the one’s you love and care about. More and more successful people are coming to the realisation that, without health there is no real wealth and you need optimum nutrition to have optimum health.It is advisable to take up a form of exercise to keep your mind and body positively active. A healthy body serves as a perfect vehicle to do well. Have you ever noticed how alive you feel after taking a brisk walk, an early morning jog or completing a fast pace workout in the gym? This type of exercise gets the blood flowing and demands deep breathing, which helps to remove toxins from the blood and push more oxygenated blood through your brain. You feel energised and ready to take on the world because your metabolism is in high gear – but you need optimum nutrition to sustain that energy.I have been fortunate to discover the benefits of balancing life and making room for exercise, quiet time for reading/meditating, continuous learning and planning time for work so that I have a sense of balance. We all want to create enough reliable streams of residual income so we can achieve financial independence but it is also important to include a plan for maintaining good health and a balanced lifestyle. There are many ways to do this but I would like to share five basic rules that have worked for me over the last twenty five years.1. Do not become a workaholic or a wealthpreneur freak in your quest for success, lest it damage your relationships with the ones you love and also your attempts to sincerely succeed in life.2. Do not deviate from the path of righteousness or the Law of Nature. It is great fun indeed to witness success and wealth, and the joy that wells up is beyond belief. However, if happiness, joy and success all come at once at the expense of your health, then I am afraid it is all a terrible waste.3. Believe in your own success. Wealthy individuals create their own career/destiny because they are true believers of their own ability to achieve success. You want to be healthy and live long enough to enjoy what you have created.4. Maintain a positive attitude in everything you do. The habitual inclination of our thought patterns is ultimately the deciding factor, which determines our abilities, talents and personal characteristics. This valuable information lies in the art of cultivating the thought patterns that bring success. We are what we think we are.5. Believe that you can accomplish anything through the power of thought. You must use the power of visualization and your imagination to allow yourself to have a clear picture of your success while achieving your earnest goal. It is true when Masters say that: Your Thoughts create the environment. Successful people learn to surround themselves with people and things that support their success.In Part 4 of this article series I will expand further on what I have learnt about the power of maintaining a positive attitude and managing my thoughts to support my success goals. However, in Part One I want to share a few thoughts about how to use Optimum Nutrition to maintain good health while achieving wealth.Support Peak Performance with Optimum Nutrition.So often I have worked with people who are constantly complaining about being tired. How can you focus and produce your best work if you lack energy and enthusiasm for the task at hand. If you have ever been – tired of being tired, you need to take another look at what you are feeding your body. What we eat provides the fuel for our bodies and will determine the energy we have available to focus and vigorously produce the results we want each day. Get Genesis for a real energy boost. Many of us use the computer as a tool in building our online businesses and know how easy it is to spend 8-10 hours a day sitting. We need to have a vigorous exercise program to balance this inactivity and great nutrition to keep us energised. The following approach works wonderfully for me:
Begin the day with a quiet time for meditation and review of your plan of Action for the day.ยท Prepare a power drink and/or your energy nutrition with some fruit to put some instant fuel in the system. Visit my website and check out the Optimum Nutrition web page for some of the most powerful nutrition available today.
Workout for 30-60 minutes to get your body stimulated with some physical exercise. Do what you like best because this should be a lifestyle that we commit to. Some may like a jog, take a brisk walk, a yoga session, a swim in the ocean or a workout in your favourite gym.
Now you are ready for your first meal of the day and your energy booster (visit my web page “Your Health” and check out Symmetry’s Ultra Vitality and Genesis). Most mornings I just eat seasonal fruits and my selection of nutritional supplements because this provides the quickest supply of energy to get me started. Most fruits digest in less than an hour while other food such as bread/serials will take over four hours to digest before they can supply you with any energy, so my first choice is fruits in the morning.
In Parts 2 & 3 of this article series, I will cover some ideas for meals that help to optimise your energy and let you focus on your goals every day. You will be able to keep building your residual income streams and maintain your health with optimum nutrition.

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