Anti-Aging Skin Secret

Everyone wants to look young and many would love it if there were actually a fountain of youth. Since there isn’t; however, many resort to expensive lotions, creams, serums, make-up, spa treatments and even surgery to acquire anti-aging skin. Some spend thousands of dollars, only to find particular products may work for some, but not for them.Individuals in society have come up with holistic treatments, home remedies and exercises in an attempt to reverse or stop the aging process. Some of these treatments work on certain areas such as circles under the eyes, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, sun spots, moles and so much more toward the process of anti-aging skin.Some anti-aging treatments simply have to do with a change in lifestyle. This includes exercise and diet to start, with plenty of water intake as well. Ridding oneself of bad habits such as alcohol consumption, drug use and smoking are also good ideas. Alcohol dehydrates the skin causing wrinkles, as well as cause development of sleeping difficulties and other health issues that tend to age an individual. Smoking dries out the skin, yellows face and hands, circles under the eyes and premature wrinkling.One well known method for attempting to achieve anti-aging skin is to treat dark circles under the eyes and swelling is the use of cucumber slices. By reclining and placing the cucumbers over the eyes, the area around the eyes receives natural moisture and coolness that constricts the blood vessels. In return swelling is reduced, as is the dark circles under the eyes. Under eye dark circles can also be treated with the moisture and coolness of wet tea bags, and the black tea caffeine and tannin remedy the swelling. Tea bags and cumbers both also provide healthy antioxidants for the anti aging skin process.Wrinkles are probably the most frustrating part of the look of skin as it ages. Wrinkles around the mouth can be eliminated, or at the least postponed with a few simple acts toward anti-aging skin. A few steps that can be taken in this direction are to make sure that when moisturizing your face, be sure not to miss the area around your mouth as well. Keeping lips hydrated with lip balm is also a very good step. Exfoliating is important for the skin over all your body in order to thoroughly cleanse the dead cells, including your lips. The importance of sun screen certainly cannot be denied and there are lip balms that contain sun screen as well.Even if you’re a little low on finances, you can use some items you may already have in your home. For example, cornmeal, sugar or baking soda can be put on the lips brushed with a toothbrush and rinsed to treat dry, chapped lips. Avocado is a good home remedy for the treatment of wrinkles as well. You need only make a paste out of it, smear it on your skin and let it set for about twenty minutes for a natural wrinkle prevention.No matter what part of you that you want to achieve anti-aging skin, there is an abundance of holistic treatments, home remedies and skin care products.

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